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Welcome to 2021 P4 Workshop CFP

The 2021 P4 Workshop is an exciting and informative virtual event that will take place May 18-20, 2021. It is intended to incorporate insights and perspectives from the P4 community from around the world, and will include focused segments on:

It is an opportunity for the P4 ecosystem to share knowledge and experiences with the broader community and to facilitate collaboration. There will be no fee for participants to join and all presentations will be made publicly available after the event.


The P4 Workshop will include live keynotes, panels and a range of on-demand presentations and content (some recorded in collaboration with the organizer, and some that may be submitted pre-recorded). There is no publication of papers associated with this event. The Technical Program Committee, comprised of P4 community members, will review proposals, make selections and inform each speaker of their decision to accept/deny proposals.

Novel Applications of P4 Awards ($500 each)

Two awards will be offered this year to encourage creative and disruptive use cases for P4:

All accepted presentations will be considered for awards. Awardees will be determined by a combination of a program committee selection and a community vote following the event.

Submission Format Options

There are 6 formats you can select from for any submission. Each submissions should be less than two pages.

Moderated Talk Formats
Moderated content will be pre-recorded by ONF, and a member of the P4 program committee will moderate each talk and engage with the speaker(s) in a short Q&A at the end of the session.

Self-Recorded Submitted Content
Accepted pre-recorded talks must be recorded by the presenter and submitted as MP4 video file at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

We recognize that many P4 targets require customer NDAs for full disclosure, so we are accepting ‘Gated Tutorials’ that may provide a higher level introduction that can be publicly published along with a pointer to gated content managed by the submitting organization.

Welcome to the P4 Workshop 2021 submissions site. For general conference information, see https://opennetworking.org/events/2021-p4-workshop/.